ONGC Recruitment through GATE 2017

ONGC Recruitment through GATE 2017: ONGC is recruiting Graduating Trainees through GATE 2017. ONGC or Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd is a global company in India that deals with gas and oil. Its headquarters can be found in Uttrakhand. Its control is in the hands of the Ministry of Natural Gas and Petroleum. It is the biggest gas and oil production and exploration company in India. Nearly sixty-nine percent of crude oil and sixty-two percent of the natural gas in India is produced by this company.

The Indian Government laid the foundations of ONGC in the year 1956. Presently, it holds nearly sixty-eight percent of the company’s stakes. Its revenue and operating income during the year 2015 were twenty-five billion dollars and eight billion dollars respectively. Its profit and total assets during the same year amounted to two billion dollars and thirty-five billion dollars respectively. The primary operations of ONGC consist of developing, producing, exploring and refining alternate sources of energy, such as shale gas and coal bed methane. The domestic operations of this company revolve around eleven assets, which consists of properties that produce gas and oil; two plants at Uran and Hazira; and seven basins, which include exploratory properties. Additionally, its domestic operations consist of services for providing essential support and input like well services, geophysical, drilling and logging services.

The global arm of this company is OVL or ONGC Vidisha Limited. Its rechristening was done in the year 1989. There are fourteen projects under this company, which are currently operating in around sixteen nations. Its production of gas and oil amounts to eight million metric tons in the year 2010. A hundred percent stake is held by the ONGC in the OVL. The presence of OVL is quite strong in Latin America. Its operations here are extended to Brazil, Cuba, Columbia and Venezuela. Similarly, in the Far-East and CIS, its presence can be seen in Vietnam, Russia, Myanmar and Kazakhstan. In Africa, it is currently in operation in locations of Libya, Sudan, Nigeria and Mozambique. In the Middle East, its ongoing projects are present in Syria and Iraq.

The main products supplied by the ONGC include natural gas, crude oil, and other value added products. It supplies the same to numerous marketing, gas and oil refining companies in India. Its main products for the markets in India include natural gas and crude oil. Its other products include LPG, C2-C3, Naphtha, and SKO. The number of employees in the ONGC was thirty-two thousand, as of the year 2013. Out of thirty-two thousand employees, more than six percent or two thousand were women. More than a hundred of the employees were with disabilities. In the financial years of 2009 and 2010, the attribution rate of the company was 0.42%.

ONGC Recruitment through GATE 2017 for Graduate Trainees

Educational Qualification

  1. The candidates must fulfill the following degree requirements for becoming eligible for the posts in various disciplines:
  • For Cementing and Drilling disciplines, the candidate must have a graduate degree in the field of mechanical or petroleum engineering.
  • In the case of Civil Discipline, the graduate degree in the area of civil engineering is a must.
  • For Electrical discipline, the graduate degree in electrical engineering and competency certificate as an Electrical Supervisor is necessary.
  • The candidates applying for electronics discipline must have a graduate degree in electronics, telecom or electronics, and telecom engineering.
  • For Instrumentation and Mechanical engineering, the candidates must contain a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and instrumentation engineering respectively.
  • The Candidates applying for Reservoir discipline must have a PG degree either in geology, geophysics, physics or petroleum technology. Those who have a graduate degree in chemical or petroleum engineering can also apply for this discipline.
  • The Chemist post requires a PG degree in Chemistry, whereas the Geologist requires a PG degree in geology, petroleum Geosciences or geological technology.
  • The post of Geophysics requires a PG degree in Geophysics or physics; or M.Tech in Geophysical Technology.
  • The candidates applying for the post of Materials Management Officer must have a graduate degree in Auto, Mechanical, Instrumentation, Chemical, Electronics, Telecom, Information Technology, Electrical, Petroleum, Civil or Telecom Engineering.For the post of programming officer, the candidates must have either a graduate degree in computer engineering or information technology; or a PG degree in computer applications or computer science. The candidates having B level diploma can also apply for this post.
  1. The candidates must have obtained at least sixty percent marks in their graduate degree.
  2. If a candidate has obtained his or her graduate degree through the regular mode, then the necessary statutory employment bodies must recognize or approve the courses covered by him or her in their university or institute.
  3. If a candidate has obtained his or her degree through part-time or distance learning mode, he or she is also eligible for the recruitment process, only it the required relevant employment bodies has recognized this qualification.
  4. In accordance with the qualifications mentioned above, if the specialization is not mentioned in the qualifying degree, a certificate needs to be submitted during the interview from the candidate’s university or institute, which states the specialization area in the qualifying degree clearly.

Age limit

  1. The age of the candidates belonging to the unreserved category must not be more than 30 years, except for those applying for the Drill or Cementing disciplines. For the latter, the age limit is 28 years.
  2. The candidates belonging to the OBC category must not be more than 33 years of age, except for those who are applying for Drill or Cementing disciplines. For the latter, the age limit is 31 years.
  3. The candidates of the SC/ST category must not be more than 35 years of age. Those who are applying for Cementing or Drilling Disciplines are subjected to the age limit of 33 years.

Reservation & Relaxation

  1. For the physically challenged candidates, the age limit is 40 years. A further relaxation of 3 years to the candidates with disabilities and belongs to the OBC, and of 5 years to those in this category who belong to SC/ST is given.
  2. The age limit for the Ex-service men is 35 years. Those who are applying for the Drilling or Cementing disciplines have the age limit of 33 years.

During the time of the interview, the candidates desiring to use the relaxation must present the relevant caste certificate. They must have the latest NCL or non-creamy layer certificate during the time of interview. In the case of the migration of a candidate from one state to another, he or she must have the OBC certificate which is issued on the basis of the OBC certificate of the candidate’s father. The community status present in the online application form will not be allowed to change.

Selection Process

The selection procedure consists of the following requirements:

  1. Candidates must appear in the GATE exam to get eligible for the recruitment process. The score obtained by the candidates in the GATE exam is given sixty marks. 15 marks are given to the interview process. The qualification is assigned 25 marks, out of which 20 marks are allotted to the essential qualifications and 5 marks for higher qualifications.
  2. For a candidate to get selected in the recruitment process, he or she must qualify the GATE exam, and must separately qualify the interview process. This condition applies in addition to the fulfillment of the qualification requirements stated above.
  3. During the selection, the first consideration is given to the departmental candidates. Apart from this, no preference is given in terms of selection, eligibility and qualification requirements.
  4. The GATE score of the current year is valid. The GATE score of previous years is not valid.

How to apply

The link for applying online will be activated on the official website of ONGC. While filling the online application, the candidates will be required to provide their registration number of the current year’s GATE exam. No responsibility will be taken by the ONGC in case the candidate fills the wrong registration number in the application. The candidates must fill this field correctly for avoiding complications in the future.

Even if the candidates fulfill the eligibility requirements of more than one discipline, they can apply for the single post only. ONGC will provide the notification regarding the exact date on which it will make the online application live on the website. The candidates must check the official website regularly.

The students can obtain detailed information regarding the GATE exam on the official website of GATE. The students can also visit the websites of IITs of Madras, Kanpur, Delhi, Roorkee, Kharagpur, Guwahati, and Bombay for obtaining necessary information about GATE. Additionally, they can go to the website of IISc, Bangalore for the same.

The admit card, as well the registration number, of the GATE exam, can be downloaded by applying on the official website of ONGC. In order to fill the online application form, the candidates must click on the link provided on the website, read all the instruction and fill all information correctly.

Medical standards

The selected candidates are subjected to a medical examination before their final appointment. The standards of this examination are laid down in accordance with the rules of the medical examination of employees, made in the year 1996. The candidates must pass this exam for getting appointed by the ONGC.

Some of the essential points of the medical exam are discussed below:

  1. Apart from the post of Materials Management Officer, the disqualification rule applies to all other posts in the case of partial or complete color blindness.
  2. The candidates suffering from Myopia, with a limitation of -4D are acceptable for all posts. The same applies for candidates having Hypermetropia, with a limitation of +4D.
  3. The candidates having Myopia with a limitation of -6D and over 20 years of age are accepted for the post of engineering trainees in disciplines like Reservoir, Geologist, Geophysicist (wells), Programming Officer, Materials Management Officer, Geophysicist (surface) and Chemist.
  4. Certain posts do not accept candidates with congenital night blindness.

The candidates may use intra-ocular implants or contact lenses for correcting the above conditions, only if they fulfill the above standards. The physically challenged candidates are not required to give the usual medical exam. The medical report given by the medical board will form the basis of the medical exam in such cases.

General Instructions

The general instructions that must be followed by the candidates are stated below:

  1. ONGC will not entertain manual or paper applications. The applications must only use the online application mode.
  2. The details provided by the applicants will form the basis of screening and selection. This fact makes it essential for the candidates to provide only correct, full and accurate information. Those who provide false or wrong information will be subjected to disqualification. Additionally, any results of giving wrong information will not be the responsibility of ONGC.
  3. Candidates must make the following documents readily available before starting to fill the online application form: marks in the qualifying exam, caste certificate and its issue date, name of the authority that issued the certificate, domicile state, etc. This information will be needed to be filled in the online application by the candidates.
  4. ONGC will not entertain any requests pertaining to the change in discipline, category or mailing address that is already declared by the candidates in the online application form.
  5. The registration slip printed out by the candidates must not be tampered. The candidate’s candidature will be rejected if the slip is subjected to overwriting or any kind of tampering.
  6. For future reference, the copy of the call letter for the interview and registration slip must be retained by the candidates.
  7. During the interview, the candidates employed in government services or public sector undertakings must provide NOC or no objection certificate.

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