GATE 2018 Syllabus for Biotechnology

GATE Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT): GATE 2018 Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT) is available with GATE Topper for students who are preparing for the GATE exam. You may download the PDF file and use it for your reference. There are three major sections in GATE Syllabus for Biotechnology. One is Engineering Mathematics section which has about 15% of the share in the total marks.

Second is the general aptitude section which also has a share of 15% of the total marks. Third one is the core Biotechnology section. This section deals with the Biotechnology related topics including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics,  Process Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Plant and Animal Biotechnology, Characteristics of Animal Cells, Immunology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Bioinformatics, etc.

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics of the syllabus has topics including linear algebra, numerical methods, calculus, probability and statistics, differential equations, etc.


This part of the syllabus deals with cell structures, microbial nutrition, nitrogen fixation, microbial metabolism, microbial genetics, viruses, microbial diversity, etc.


Some of the significant chapters in this section include Bio molecules and confirmation of bio molecules, bio macro molecules, enzymes, metabolism, membrane transport,   cell cycles, cell signalling, cell growth control, etc.

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Major topics of this section are molecular structure of genes, DNA replication, chromosomes, translational process, mendelian inheritance, chromosome mapping, gene interaction, population genetics, extra chromosomal inheritance, genetic diseases, etc

Process Biotechnology

Some of the topics covered in this section include bio process technology for baker’s yeast, citric acid, ethanol, amino acids, antibiotics, exo-polysacharides, etc; industrial enzymes, microbial production, stabilization of liquid and solid waste, etc

Bioprocess Engineering

This section has topics ranging from simple structured molecules, microbial growth, sterilization of air, aeration, scale-up concepts, microbial reactors, enzyme reactors, etc

Plant and Animal Biotechnology

Plant cells, totipotency, autotrophic growth, heterotrophic growth, plant growth regulators, nutrient optimization, hairy root cultures, etc are the main topics in this section.

Characteristics of Animal Cells

Metabolism, animal cell cultures, micro carrier culture, kinetics of cell growth, macro career culture, cloning in animals, hybridoma technology, animal cell preservation, genetics engineering are few of the important topics under this section.


Inherent immunity, lymphoid organs (primary and secondary), antigen, B-Cells, T-cells, antigen processing, polyclonal antibody, monoclonal antibody, immune tolerance, auto immunity, hyper sensitivity, etc

Recombinant DNA Technology

Viral vectors, cDNA, Gene isolation, Ti plasmid, Gene cloning, yeast artificial chromosome, DNA labelling, Polymerase chain reactions, DNA fingerprinting, In- situ hybridization, Gene therapy, RAPD, Site-directed mutagenesis, etc. are some of the important topics.


Bioinformatics resources such as EBI, NCBI, ExPASy, Sequence analysis, Proteomics, Genomics, Molecular modelling, etc

GATE 2018 Pattern for Biotechnology (BT)

SubjectAllocation of Marks
Engineering Mathematics15% of Total Marks
General Aptitude15% of Total Marks
Subject Questions70% of Total Marks

GATE 2018 Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT)

You can download the GATE 2018 Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT) PDF Here:

GATE Syllabus for Biotechnology (BT)

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