GATE Preparation: How to prepare for GATE 2018?

Are you looking to learn methods on How to Prepare for GATE 2018? Here we have listed 10 most important GATE Preparation Tips for you. These tips will help you to prepare for GATE exam in a well professional way and put you ahead of your competitors. Browse through the page to learn these GATE Preparation Tips. Let us explore strategies to Crack GATE 2018.

In India, every year there are millions of engineering aspirants, who move into this field with the purpose of undertaking something new and different. In order to achieve that goal, engineering students have to go through some of the toughest examinations in the world. While many often look out for working prospects soon after completion of graduation, some remain and continue to endeavour in post-graduation by going though GATE. Mind you, like undergraduate examination GATE is tough and requires brilliance and smartness to excel in. GATE is an all-India aptitude examination conducted primarily for the purpose of ascertaining the level of understanding in engineering and science. It is a gateway to enrolment in several post graduation programmes of some of the most prestigious institutes of the country.

Jointly conducted by Indian Institute of Science and Indian Institute of Technology, GATE is one of the smartly structured examinations of the country and enjoys an overwhelming status in the country. In fact, a valid GATE score can help students obtain significant financial assistance. Now it must have already pinched your mind as to how to crack GATE and achieve best out of the best. Well, GATE preparation is not simple and requires much dedication and commitment. However, there are certain tricks that will give you extra credit during your GATE preparation and beyond. Let us enlighten ourselves with some simple GATE preparation tricks, which must be kept in mind.

GATE 2018 Preparation Tips:

Pattern of the GATE examination paper:

Isn’t it a preliminary requirement and not a trick? Well, this perception causes a lot of trouble because it yields complacency and recklessness on      the part of the candidate. It is true that every candidate begins with a glance through the examination pattern however, a mere glance and causal reading of the pattern does not do any good.

You must study the pattern

A GATE paper comprises Multiple choice Questions and Numerical Answer Questions that tests four areas, Recall (deals with formulae and laws of the discipline), Comprehension (for the purpose of determining whether the candidate       knows the basics of the field), Application (application of knowledge through computation or logical reasoning), and Analysis and Synthesis. Very carefully and attentively, you have to understand the structure and your best and weakest areas. It is crucial for a better strategy!

Time duration of GATE Exam:

Well, you might have heard that the longer you study, the better results you produce. Unfortunately, it is a commonly shared perception in the society that shorter duration of study reflects carelessness and casual attitude towards studies. Well, turn a deaf ear to such beliefs because they are nothing but Shibboleths! GATE is an important examination for any engineering student and therefore, it is important to go through the tenuous preparation period in a calm and relaxed manner.

It is not important that you study for long 20-24 hours a day; what is important that whatever time you study, you study with utmost attention and commitment. What you need to make sure is Time Management, which is actually one of the most fundamental factors contributing in the preparation. Divide your time according to your requirements and capabilities for example, if you are a slow learner, allot more      time to revision.

Mock Test for GATE:

Yes, Mock Tests are essential to your preparation because they are helpful in clarifying many doubts through repeated practice. There are several mock tests available online and offline from GATE coaching institutes that can be really helpful. As already mentioned above, it is essential to grasp thoroughly the pattern of the examination and track the weakest and strongest areas and hence, mock tests can be excellent companion in this regard. It must be noted that mock tests must be regularly solved even if you have developed a photographic memory of the mock tests. The more you practice, the more you understand and there is no harm in understanding more, of course.

Speed and Accuracy:

Keeping in mind the times constraints the examination places upon the candidates, it is crucial for the students to develop adequate speed and accuracy hits during preparation. Speed and accuracy are two very important factors, which can greatly affect your performance in the examination and you would not want to mess up your            paper because of lack of adequate speed and accuracy. Speed and Accuracy do not develop in a day. Regular practice and consistency help in supplementing quality to your speed and accuracy. Once you have mastered these two, you can quickly finish off with the paper with much satisfaction. If you are a slow reader, make sure you regularly go through discipline related questions so that you adjust to the pattern of question paper. Read as much as possible; it will help in tons.

Coaching Institute for GATE:

Self-study is helpful but enrollment to a coaching institute can provide additional advantages. With the help of experts and teachers, you can master areas where you falter or require more attention. It is true coaching institutes are mushrooming across the country and many have compromised with the quality of training and knowledge provided to the students but look at the brighter side too, where certain coaching institutes are actually investing their resources to help students nurture their mental faculty to successfully tackle GATE. All you need to do is thoroughly research about good coaching institutes in your locality or in any other city, wherever you are comfortable to study, and enrol. After     that, take maximum services from your coaching institute and even make them obliged to help you.

Last Ten years’ papers of GATE exam:

Often this reminds people of the old school days when parents and teachers would force them to go through last ten years’ Board question papers. They had a very good reason behind such compulsion. After all, last ten years’ papers can be extremely helpful in two ways. Firstly, they can help in understanding the categories of questions most commonly asked or questions, which require most attention. While attempting last years’ question papers, a candidate will be able to adapt to the atmosphere that a GATE `examination paper will eventually present.

Secondly, it adds on to your practice. On attempting these question papers, you shall be able to build up your speed and concoct strategies. Practicing last years’ question papers will boost your confidence and will prevent you from freaking out during the main examination. So when you are done with your preparation, you can start with last years’ papers to test the areas where you have mastered or at least fared good and where you have faltered or still falling behind. But do not think that once you have solved these papers, you are free. You must revise them again and again until you can no longer fill in.

One month for GATE revision:

Note it, it is really, really important for any candidate to secure at least a month for revision purpose. Such a period can be used in clearing remaining doubts, practicing mocks, and at least one all round revision. Revision is an excellent exercise that boosts memory retention and is a wonderful help during examinations. As everyone says, “A last minute revision works like magic”, revision does work like magic. It can help you hundred times more than your preparation throughout the year. So make sure you have reserved at least a month for an exhaustive, thorough revision.

Group study and forums for GATE preparation:

Group study, if sincerely done, is probably one of the best exercises a GATE aspirant would undertake. Group study is an active exercise which contributes to better understanding of concepts. Everyone enjoys learning in a friendly environment and who, other than friends, can help you better. When you undertake a group study exercise, you happen to attain better understanding of the concepts in a manner, which is much more conducive to your mind and body. It acts a stress buster, as you feel little pressure and greater refreshment. However, there is a note of caution that a group study must not be causally undertaken, as it might yield unhealthy results. Remember group study establishes a balance between fun and studies and that balance must be preserved throughout the exercise.

How to Prepare for GATE 2018?

Forums, whether offline and online, can provide guidance to your preparation

Internet is a galaxy of information that can be accessed without much effort. Make wise use of this platform and explore options available to GATE Aspirants. There are many websites online that provide guidance and preparatory materials to GATE aspirants, with or without charges. In fact, almost every coaching institute has an online forum for students to discuss and understand concepts.

As far as offline forums are concerned, keep a track on seminars and workshops   organized for GATE students or on any discipline that forms a part of the GATE question paper. These forums bring together some of the brightest lot from across the country, which can enlighten students on different aspects of engineering. Aspirants can take note of the lectures, suggestions and materials these forums provide.

Do not stress!

Stress is a horrible companion. While neurologists consider stress as an essential    factor in normal functioning of the human body, excessive stress can be harmful to your mental faculty. You must not give in to stress, which can very easily and without much efforts destroy all your year round preparation in little time.

While stress generally remains below hazardous levels during preparation period, the rise of stress during days closer to the examination date is peculiarly higher and often beyond permissible limits. In fact, stress at the time of examination can reach to an awfully pernicious level, which you certainly do not want to happen.

It is important to keep stress at admissible levels and you can do the following to control stress levels effectively.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet.
  2. Try to do mild exercises every day, just to freshen yourself up.
  3. Do not miss meals out of sheer stress. Missing meals will not help you crack GATE.
  4. Do not isolate yourself from family and friends. It is a common tendency among aspirants to distance themselves from social atmosphere. This will only add up the pressure.
  5. Get proper sleep. Burning midnight oil is admirable but anything in excess can harm. It is therefore recommended that aspirants ensure a minimum five hours sleep every day.

Do not let stress get the better of you!

Determination to crack GATE:

Last but not the least, GATE preparation needs determination. It is not enough to just draw out a plan of action, collect study materials, attend forums, and do all other things recommended above if the aspirant lacks determination. Determination is a quality, which reflects your unconquerable willingness to do    something. You may, for the sake of following the norm, do everything that is needed but if you fall short of willingness or determination, then nothing will work out well.

When you have decided to pursue post-graduation in engineering and write the GATE examination, you must ask yourself whether you really want to do it. It is an important question that many students skip to ask themselves. The answer to this  question will help you realize the mental strength you will invest while preparing. After all, cracking GATE is not just about physical efforts you make; your mind should also be prepared to go ahead with post-graduation. If you have answered the question positively, you must keep in mind that you must remain persistent throughout the preparation period. Your determination must not culminate half way but continue until the end.

With this, you are acquainted with GATE preparation tricks to crack one of the toughest engineering examinations in the country, GATE, that can secure seats in prestigious institutions like IITs and get placements in some of the most chased after corporations like Airport Authority of India, Indian Oil Corporation, National Highways Authority of India, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, etc. Now all you need to do is diligently observe the tricks throughout your GATE preparation period and work towards the goal. Hope the GATE 2018 Preparation Tips helps you to prepare well and crack GATE.

Wishing you Good Luck!

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