GATE Books for Engineering Mathematics

GATE Books for Engineering Mathematics: Maths is one of the important portions in the GATE simply because it gives you 15% of the marks. Moreover, it is relatively easy to score in the mathematics section as the nature of questions test your basic only. You should spend some bucks to buy quality books written by prominent authors. Remember, you should have strong basics to get good score in maths. Following are the recommended Reference Books for GATE Engineering Mathematics.

GATE Books for Engineering Mathematics

Higher Engineering Mathematics by B.S.Grewal

In the GATE exam, a section is reserved for engineering mathematics. For students preparing for this exam, this book is a good source for studying this subject. The presentation of the matter is lucid as well as simple. Without any instructor’s guidance, the information present in it can be understood easily by the GATE aspirants. Many selected papers of the recent GATE exam are present in this book, which provides immense help to the students. This book contains separate units for geometry, algebra, series, numerical techniques, differential equations, calculus, and transforms. An additional unit consisting of special topics like analysis of tensors, integral equations and variation calculus is also provided.

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Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig

For the preparation of mathematics section of the GATE exam, this book is great for studying. The information in it is really well written. The examples are given in plenty. There are loads of exercises as well as diagrams. They help the students to cross reference the formula or ideas used in the examples. It makes an excellent book for self-study to increase the knowledge of this subject. The independent chapters of this book are such that they provide the in-depth explanation of linear algebra, analysis of vectors, differential equations, and analysis of Fourier. It also has four appendices that deal with additional references, tables, proofs and auxiliary materials.

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GATE Engineering Mathematics for All Streams by Arihant Publications

For students appearing for the GATE exam, this book is published especially for them. Its syllabus is similar to this exam’s format. Numerous types of questions are provided, as well as their solutions. There are 2 exercises present at the end of each chapter, for helping the students to practice the material given in the chapter. The pattern used in the exercises resembles that of the GATE exam, that is, it contains questions of one mark and two marks. It also contains questions that have linked answers as well as common data. There are 9 chapters in this book. They are based on statistics, calculation of vectors, calculus, numerical methods, probability, complex variables and numerical ability.

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GATE Engineering & Mathematics General Aptitude 2016 by GK Publications

This is basically a guidebook. It is an optimum option for the students who are aspiring to appear in the 2016 GATE exam. Test papers containing questions that have already appeared in the tests of previous years, that is, 2015 as well as 2014 are given. For giving students a thorough revision of the subject, completely solved answers are also provided. The first section of this book deals with the general aptitude. It contains verbal ability and numerical ability. Verbal ability is further divided into synonyms and grammar. On the other hand, the numerical ability contains combinations, proportions, work and other similar topics. The second section deals with the engineering mathematics. It contains set theory, calculus graph theory, etc.

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GATE – 2016: Engineering Mathematics by Made Easy Publications

This book is a valuable resource for the GATE aspirants in the math section. It contains theory as well as examples for every topic. It also contains ample model test papers so that students can practice thoroughly on this subject. The concepts presented in this book are given in a fabulous manner. It also helps in maintaining an approach of rigorous nature. The listing of formulas is done very nicely, and due to this, no confusion is created among the formulae of different topics. All topics are covered nicely and in detail. The explanations provided for each section is very clear. The entire syllabus of the math section dedicated to the GATE exam is organized neatly.

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GATE-15 Engineering Mathematics by ACE Academy

This book is one of the favorites among the aspirants of the GATE exam. Although it contains loads of information regarding different topics that are essential to study for this exam, a large number of questions are given, along with their solutions, so that students can easily understand the pattern of questions that comes in the exam. The main topics covered by this book include algebra, calculus, probability, combinations, permutations, counting, number theory and much more. The techniques used for solving the problems make it easy for the reader to solve endless types of questions. The exercises, both unsolved as well as solves are quite challenging. Test papers containing questions that were already covered in the last year are also provided.

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Gate Paper Mathematics 2016 (Solved Paper 2000-2015) by GK Publications

In order to fare better in competitive exams, it is necessary for students to practice using the mock test papers beforehand. This book provides the same facility for the students who desire a good result in the GATE exam. In its introduction, the entire syllabus covered in the math section of this exam is explained in a thorough manner. It covers all topics that are likely to come into the exam. After explaining about the syllabus, it provides general knowledge about this exam. It includes the marking scheme used in the exam and the type and level of questions that can come. Moving on, it then gives information regarding the general structure of the exam, and the pattern involved in it. Question papers of year 200 to the year 2015 are provided in this book. The solutions of the problems contained in these are also given, along with the unsolved papers.

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