10 Tips to Crack GATE 2017 without Coaching

Would you like to Crack GATE without Coaching? Here are the 10 Tips to Crack GATE without Coaching.  Read this page carefully.

GATE, which stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is essentially a national level examination that basically assesses the understanding of undergraduate subjects in the field of science and engineering. The examination is jointly organized by the Indian Institutes of Technology (abbreviated as IITs) and the Indian Institute of Science (abbreviated as iISc) under the aegis of the National Coordination Board—GATE, the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resources Development (abbreviated as MHRD) of the Government of India.

The score obtained in GATE is applicable for the purposes of admission to various post-graduate programs, such as Master of Technology (abbreviated as M.Tech), Master of Engineering (abbreviated as M.E.) or Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), in high-level education institutes. Recently, GATE scores are being considered for the purposes of recruitment in several major Indian undertakings.

GATE is one of the toughest and most competitive examinations in India and has received wide acceptance across the globe. The internationally acclaimed Nanyang Technological University (abbreviated as NTU), Singapore has recognized GATE. Thus, GATE is not just a simple entrance examination happening anywhere in the world; it is one of the most well-established examinations that pave the road to some of the highly reputed institutions in the world.

It can be easily gathered that GATE cannot be cracked as easily as one may think. There are reasons why it is ranked among the most competitive entrance examinations in the country and beyond. It is especially a herculean task for those who aim to crack it without any coaching. However, this should not dishearten our readers because it may be difficult but not an impossible task to crack GATE.

In this article, we shall explore ten ways by which anyone can crack GATE without coaching. These ten ways shall explore important activities that a candidate must engage in actively and seriously so as to ensure maximum success in his/her academic endeavour. So, here are ten things you must do in order to crack GATE and secure a future, successful and bright:

(1) Think about it seriously

This activity precedes the actual preparatory period. It involves contemplating on whether or not you really wish to pursue a postgraduate course in the first place.

Why such a contemplative activity is required is to clear out all possible misgivings one may have about preparing for GATE and ultimately pursuing thepostgraduate course.

 In order to dispel any misgivings, you should consult your parents, friends, teachers, and especially those who are pursuing or have already finished post-graduate courses offered under GATE.

Once you have had a discourse with all possible stakeholders and interested people, you shall be in a better position to decide.

There is a tendency among candidates to blindly pursue post-graduate courses, without even being sincere about the same. GATE is not a piece of cake and therefore, requires from candidates to shell out substantial financial resources and time for the purposes of preparation and admission to post-graduate courses.

Once you have dispersed the clouds of confusion and doubts, you can go ahead and start preparing for real since you’d be mentally prepared for the same.

(2) Perusal of the GATE syllabus

This is the first and foremost step one must take in order to kick start preparation for GATE. Unfortunately, many candidates fail to consider theassessment of the syllabus as a priority and commence preparation with ablatant lack of focus and strategy.

A perusal of the syllabus is crucial to the formulation of an effective and productive strategy, which will essentially be aroadmap to the ultimate qualification of the GATE examination.

As of now, GATE is organized in 23 disciplines and a candidate is given the option to choose from among them. These disciplines are Aerospace Engineering, Instrumental Engineering, Mathematics, Agricultural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Mining Engineering, Biotechnology, Metallurgical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Information technology and Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Production and Industrial Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, textile Engineering and Fibre Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Sciences, Ecology and Evolution, Life Sciences, and Geology and Geophysics.

The official GATE website provides a detailed layout of the areas covered in these disciplines and accordingly the candidate can chalk out a proper strategy by determining which area in the selected discipline is the strongest, weakest or otherwise.

When a candidate is thoroughly apprised with the syllabus of the particular discipline in which he/she aims to write GATE, he will be able to appropriately distribute whatever amount of preparatory time he has. This brings us to the next tip in line, which is as important as this one. It is the purchase and collection of study material.

(3) A collection of books and other related study materials

GATE preparation is not just about hard work; it involves a great deal of smartness and wisdom. One should smartly and wisely collect study materials because what you are involved in—GATE—is definitely one really difficult job to accomplish.

There is no gainsaying that there are hundreds of books and study materials for GATE preparation, however, the task of choosing the appropriate ones among them is monumental. It is especially tricky for someone who is not enrolled in a coaching. So, what to do? Simple, you need Internet and contacts.

The Internet is a great source of information. It hosts an infinite stock of reviews and critiques on books and study materials in circulation. GATE being a highly competitive and international renowned examination, the internet is flooded with various articles on related books to or not to buy. Assess available books online and select a few of them that suits you and your needs.

Contacts, they help a great deal. It will be really helpful if you talk to people who are enrolled in coaching or have had an experience in GATE examination since they will be in a better position to tell you what and all books and study material help. Professors who have taught you previously at college can be great and valuable sources of information as far as study materials are concerned.

The question as to which books and study materials are best for GATE preparation cannot be objectively answered. Study materials are usually tailored keeping in mind the tastes and requirements of an average learner, although different persons have different levels of intellectual requirements and hence, their choices may differ significantly.

(4) Time Table

Drafting a timetable is perhaps a sacred task. Its importance is beyond compare as it plays an immense role in the organization of the study plan and concentration of the candidate’s focus on subjects. A timetable is a reminder, a strong reminder, that there are certain commitments that must necessarily be fulfilled.

For someone enrolled in a coaching, there is generally a systematic segregation of time for each subject but when it comes to self-study, there is a need to reflect stronger adherence to the time schedule that is self-made.

Formulate the timetable according to your academic needs. In the early months of the preparatory period, distribute more time to weak subjects and relatively less time to strong subjects. As time passes by, amend the timetable accordingly and attempt to give even time to all subjects.

This way, subjects shall be given thenecessary time to be worked on and will also help you to significantly improve. In the latter months of the period, give more time to mock test papers and revision.

While the aforementioned paragraph gives a general idea as to how to frame a time schedule, one is free to draft one on the basis of his or her needs. There is no hard and fast rule as far as theformulation of a timetable is concerned.

(5) All work and no play make Jack a dull boy

The pressure to qualify GATE will be immense, even if you have a supportive environment and how we tackle it depends on us. It is we who determine whether or not we would give in to pressure. Hard work and sincerity are extremely important when it comes to cracking GATE, however, too much of anything is bad.

While it is important to give everything into studying, it is equally important to dedicate reasonable time in entertainment and breaks. These breaks help in recovering mind from stress and in refreshing mind. If you do not dedicate time for breaks, you might end up succumbing more to pressure and frustration.

(6) Sample Papers

Throughout your preparatory exercise, mock test papers will be the strongest and most faithful companions. Mock test papers help in the application of whatever that is learnt during preparation and ensures that the person remains updated.

Sample papers can be found both online and offline. There are various websites that offer sample test papers, with or without asubscription. In themarket, there are books exclusively compiling mock test papers for the purpose of GATE preparation.

Many would say that self-study will be adrawback because there will be alack of access to mock test papers formulated by coaching institutes. Well, this is just a myth because there arehigh-quality mock test series available online and offline and therefore, this is not particularly an issue as many would make it.

Sample papers are highly helpful but only when they are regularly practiced and revised. Practice them as much as possible for your own good.

(7) Previous Years Papers

Previous Years’ Papers are known to have done wonders for many. One of the first suggestions anyone would give a candidate preparing for any competitive examination is anassessment of previous years’ papers. The rationale is simple: they give a fair idea about the nature of questions usually asked in the main examination.

Previous Years’ papers are intensely helpful in the development of thepreparatory strategy.  Many books provide previous years’ papers annexed with solution key, though it is easy to find papers online. The point here is that it is important to thoroughly assess them for clarity.

(8) Last few months

The last few months should be kept for the purpose of revision. During these months, you should practice as many sample papers as possible. Devote much of this time in clearing doubts that have remained even after thorough preparation and in consulting with other people preparing for the same.

 Group study can be of great assistance if you take it seriously. It is recommended not to begin with any new topic instead revise whatever learnt as much as possible. Whatever revised in these months will remain in mind with more clarity.

(9) Speed management

This is an essential aspect in the preparatory period. Speed management will help greatly in the time-bound GATE examination. So, how to improve one’s speed? The answer has already been provided and that is solving mock test papers as much as possible. The more test papers you solve, the better you become. However, remember that speed management mandates routine practice sessions.

(10) Do not Panic!

This should be the mantra! GATE can be a stressful event in your life and a possible game changer. Composure can be of great help throughout the preparatory period otherwise, frustration will affect the candidate’s mental retention capability.

Hope this article has given answer to your most searched question: How to Crack GATE without Coaching?. Use these strategies and prepare well for the exam. Wishing you good luck.

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