GATE Preparation Tips for Metallurgy

GATE Preparation Tips for Metallurgy: How to prepare for GATE Metallurgy? Here we have listed a few points that will help GATE aspirants in the Metallurgy Stream to prepare well. These are some of the basic and most important aspects towards your GATE goal. Read this page to know How to Crack GATE Metallurgy?

In the present times, there are numerous students who are pursuing metallurgy as their career. Although the GATE Metallurgy Exam is not very complex, smart preparation will help the students in getting a high score and choose the college or institute of their wish. This article will provide suitable tips and tricks for cracking the GATE Metallurgy exam.

  • Doing a thorough analysis of the GATE Metallurgy papers of previous years can help greatly in planning the study for the exam. This step helps to provide an idea of the subject that has the highest weightage in the exam, along with the topics that are asked from that subject. After analyzing the papers of previous years, the students can make a time schedule for studying individual topics.
  • The students must study from only those books which provide good material. They must try to finish the entire syllabus within five to six months. They can obtain expertise in those topics which they have already studied if completing the syllabus within the given time frame is not possible.
  • Solving GATE Metallurgy exam papers of previous years can help the students in understanding the pattern of the actual paper. Additionally, it helps in brushing up the minds of the students and pointing the weaknesses in the knowledge of the subjects. Hence, the students must solve as many mock and solved test papers as possible. This is the most optimal way of preparing and getting through the GATE Metallurgy exam.
  • Another method of obtaining good results in GATE exam is to solve practice sets. There are a large number of books where these sets are given in every chapter. The students must attempt all questions given in such sets. The answers to the practice set’s questions, along with their full solutions are usually provided in the books. The students can check themselves step by step by considering these solutions. The design of these sets is based on the latest pattern of the exam. This will aid the students in finding the weaker and stronger points in every section.
  • For adding value to the performance, it is essential for the students to analyze their results from the questions they have solved from the mock and practice sets. This will help them in finding out the mistakes they are making, and the techniques to avoid them. The students can keep a record of their accuracy rates on different topics, and make a topic wise datasheet for recording their performance in different practice sets and solved papers.
  • An essential factor for cracking the GATE Metallurgy Exam is the management of time. Hence, the students need to provide appropriate time for each subject and complete it within their time schedule. By doing a quick revision of the course, the students can retain all material in their minds.
  • There are some topics added in the GATE 2016 Metallurgy syllabus. These topics are given below:
  • Engineering mathematics: The added topics include conditional probability and sampling theorems.
  • Rate processes and Thermodynamics: Topics like selective leaching; pitting corrosion, galvanic corrosion, intergranular corrosion and crevice corrosion are added.
  • Manufacturing Processes: New topics related to powder metallurgy like production, sintering, and compaction of powders are added to the syllabus.
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