GATE Preparation Tips for ECE

GATE Preparation Tips for ECE: How to prepare for GATE ECE? Here we have listed a few points that will help GATE aspirants in the ECE Stream to prepare well. These are some of the basic and most important aspects towards your GATE goal. Read this page to know How to Crack GATE ECE?

GATE, Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering, is one of the crucial and most difficult engineering examinations of the country and possibly, the world. It is also one of the most attended entrance examinations. Through GATE, a student can venture into different disciplines in engineering more deeply, which will ultimately help in securing prestigious and lucrative jobs. GATE is a figurative gateway to greater possibilities and endless opportunities.

Among the various disciplines for which GATE is offered, one is ECE (that is, Electronics and Communication Engineering). ECE is considered one of the trickiest subjects in engineering and requires in-depth knowledge in various subjects. As a GATE aspirant, one must be prepared to go beyond the undergraduate level of knowledge and explore greater intricacies in the subject. However, this is not a miraculous trick, leading to a slam dunk performance in the examination. There are many other things that must be kept in mind while preparing for ECE-GATE. So, here are some tips you should remember for your own good.

Study the Syllabus

Studying is a systematic process and not a haphazard cherry picking of subjects. One must clearly lay down a roadmap he or she shall follow in the run-up to the main examination. In that roadmap, the first thing should be a thorough vetting of the syllabus. The syllabus for ECE covers Engineering mathematics; Networks, Signals, and Systems; Electronic Devices; Analog Circuits; Control Systems; Digital Circuits; Communications; Electromagnetics.  When you have carefully analyzed the syllabus, the real task begins.

Division of subjects

It is important to carefully divide your academic attention into the subjects according to various parameters: weakest and strongest areas; more complicated and less complicated subjects; fresh and already studied subjects, etc. All these parameters will help you chalk out a comprehensive timetable that shall be a guiding factor for better half of your preparation year.

Enrolment in a good GATE prep class

There are divisive viewpoints regarding the effectiveness of GATE prep classes, which are swarming across streets in every major city. These prep classes boast of excellent faculty, a student-friendly classroom environment, and supply of high-quality study material. Keeping aside the question of effectiveness, there is no gainsaying that these institutes offer more opportunities to practice. This is especially due to online and offline mock tests that these institutes come up with. While the main paper is usually harder than the mock tests, these mock tests help in developing key areas such as reading skills, solving skills, and others. It is thus important to keep a record of these mock tests.

Revising and revising!

It is important to segregate your preparation year into a smartly organized timetable. Keep the last two months reserved for revision. These months should be devoted to clearing pending doubts on main concepts. A good revision will help you prepare better. A yearly preparation with no revision will be of no good, as most of the concepts will either be forgotten or not properly understood. A revision will highlight those weak areas that can be remedied. Make sure you have solved and re-solved all the available mock papers.

Keep Calm

Yes, this is perhaps the most important thing to remember. You must remember to attend only those questions of which you are confident and avoid too many unnecessary, doubtful attempts. Devise a methodology such as you can attempt your strongest section first, followed by those sections, which require more time and mental efforts on your part.

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