GATE Preparation Tips for CSE

GATE Preparation Tips for CSE: How to prepare for GATE CSE? Here we have listed a few points that will help GATE aspirants in the CSE Stream to prepare well and crack GATE Exam. These are some of the basic and most important aspects towards the exam preparation. Just go through this page to know How to Crack GATE CSE?

The Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering, famously known as GATE, is an important examination for any engineering graduate, willing to pursue post-graduation. While he or she has the option to enroll in any of the numerous engineering institutes of the country, nothing will appease more than a selection to some of the prestigious institutes via GATE scores. GATE is a pathway to better opportunities and possibilities. The institutes associated with GATE are prestigious and have both national and international reputation. Admission in one of these is a lifetime achievement.

The GATE examination is basically an umbrella term covering examination for various disciplines. Students may opt for GATE ECE, or Mechanical Engineering, or, our subject-matter CSE (that is, Computer Science Engineering). So, if you are a candidate for CSE, then this article can help you settle some of your many doubts. Here are a few tips a GATE CSE candidate must keep in mind:

Begin with Syllabus

Yes, the year-long journey commences with a thorough examination of the syllabus of the paper. Such an analysis will help the candidate to draw out a comprehensive plan of action that shall guide him throughout the preparation year. The syllabus of CSE covers Engineering Mathematics; Digital Logic; Compiler Design; Operating System; Databases; Data Structures and programming; Algorithms; Computer Networks; Theory of Computation and Computer Architectures and organization. These subjects cover concepts such as Programming in C language, Lexical analysis, machine instructions, limits, differentiability, the concept of layering, etc. Once you have understood the layout of the course, you can go fetch good books and study materials.


When you are done examining the course layout for CSE, it is time to chalk out a comprehensive yet simple timetable for yourself. The timetable will act as your guide throughout your preparation, highlighting daily academic commitments. If you strictly adhere to the timetable (with a little flexibility), you shall have an organized, structured study schedule. While drafting the timetable, make sure you have carefully distributed time for subjects. Weak subjects should be given more focus and more time in the first few months of preparation. Afterward, the timetable can be revised to make necessary changes depending on your and your academic requirements. With this, you shall begin with your official preparations.

Mock tests

Joining a preparation institute is a matter of choice and financial capability. However, when it comes to mock tests, there must be no compromise. Mock tests are essentially sample test papers, which often bear questions similar to those in main examinations. The importance of mock tests is however in its capability to simulate an actual examination atmosphere where the student is time bound. Mock tests are generally prepared in a manner so that they cover all essential concepts, which often form the base of questions in the main examination. Thus, a good collection of mock test papers will be highly useful particularly during last few days prior to the main examination.

Make Revision a virtue

Revision is a fruitful exercise that instills greater clarity in the mind of a student. It gives a recap of everything you have learned. After all, what good your yearly preparation would do if you do not remember what you have learned. Not everyone is born with photogenic memory! It is recommended that the month before the final examination should be kept strictly for revision purposes. Weak areas should be worked upon and more mock tests should be practiced.

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