GATE Preparation Tips for Chemical Engineering

GATE Preparation Tips for Chemical Engineering: How to prepare for GATE Chemical Engineering? Here we have listed a few points that will help GATE aspirants in the Chemical Engineering Stream to prepare well. These are some of the basic and most important aspects towards your GATE goal. Read this page to know How to Crack GATE Chemical Engineering?

All those who desire to pursue the field of Chemical Engineering through the GATE exam must start preparing early in an intense and serious manner. This article brings forth the essential tips and guidelines that can be followed by the students to obtain success in GATE Chemical Engineering exam and pursue their dream career.


The prior knowledge of the topics that must be studied for the GATE exam helps the students tremendously to prepare their preparation strategy. This is possible by checking the GATE syllabus of Chemical Engineering for knowing the topics that must be covered in-depth.

Changes in Syllabus

Recently, certain changes have been made in the GATE syllabus. These alterations must be kept in mind before starting to prepare for the exam. In engineering mathematics, linear regression analysis is added, whereas certain sections related to complex variables like analytic functions, residue theorem, and Cauchy’s internal theorem are removed.

The changes made on the subjects of chemical engineering are (1) Thermodynamics and process calculation: The topics included in this subject are non-reacting and reacting systems, multicomponent and multiphase systems, unsteady and steady state masses. (2) Chemical operations and fluid mechanics: The topics recently added consists of pressure drop, fluctuating velocity, flow past immersed bodies and universal velocity profile. (3)Additional topics that are included are linearism, process modeling and thermal boundary layer.

Preparation Strategy

The students who wish to clear GATE Chemical Engineering exam must revise whatever topics they studied in their undergraduate courses. They can do an in-depth study of the topics where they have a poor understanding. All those topics that are not covered in their graduation years must be studied from scratch. The preparation strategy can also include solving a large number of problems since it will help in increasing the accuracy. There are two things that differentiate a student from the rest in a competition, and these are time management and accuracy. Hence, preparation strategy must be made accordingly.

Study Plan

There are two parts in the GATE Chemical Engineering paper. These are engineering mathematics and aptitude; and chemical engineering. The weightage given to the former is thirty percent, while the same for the latter is seventy percent. The portion dedicated to math and aptitude is quite simple, and hence, easy to score. Thus, giving a fixed amount of time each day on these subjects can aid the students in clearing this portion and obtain a high score. The subjects of chemical engineering are quite tough as compared to math and aptitude. This portion may take comparatively more efforts. In order to cover the maximum number of questions, the students must try to cover the whole syllabus.


An essential thing that must be done, while preparing for the GATE Chemical Engineering exam, is the revision. Anytime, the students can pick random questions from previously finished chapters for testing themselves. In the case of any shortcoming, they must address it then and there. The topics must be memorized time to time to retain them effectively.

Solving Mock Tests

Solving mock tests help the students to experience the environment of the GATE exam even before the main exam. There are many solved papers available on the internet that can be used by the students to get ample practice.

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