GATE Preparation Tips for Biotechnology

GATE Preparation Tips for Biotechnology: How to prepare for GATE Biotechnology? Here we have listed a few points that will help GATE aspirants in the Biotechnology Stream to prepare well and crack GATE Exam. These are some of the basic and most important aspects towards the exam preparation. Just go through this page once and know How to Crack GATE Biotechnology?

As the time of the GATE exam approaches, the panic attacks and anxiety in students gets at the peak level. In order to get success in the GATE biotechnology exam, planned preparation, as well as hard work, is essential. Although everyone has their own method of understanding and learning, the tips discussed below will further help the students to cover the topics in-depth at their own pace.

  • Firstly, the students must write down the GATE biotechnology syllabus. This will make them aware of the topics which they must study to prepare thoroughly for the exam. They must plan a suitable routine for themselves. Although they may not able to meet the deadlines, they can make new routines for adjusting the missed portions of the course.
  • Secondly, the students must first study the giant topics, such as biochemistry, rDNA, microbiology, immunology, molecular biology, etc. For the first time, instead of doing their detailed study, the students may just go through these topics. After doing this, they must study the topics one by one in detail in accordance with the syllabus. They can also grab extra pieces of information from the internet. This will help the students in increasing their knowledge. After this, they may start studying portions that are of average importance like enzyme kinetics, animals’ biotechnology, genetics, bioprocessing engineering, plant biotechnology, etc. The other areas like industrial biotechnology and bioinformatics follow this study.
  • It is essential for the students to study mathematics and aptitude for some time every day. Every year, many questions from engineering mathematics are covered in GATE biotechnology exam. Keeping this in mind, the students must prepare for this subject accordingly. Regular practice is essential to gain success in this section.
  • The students must do a selective study. They need not cover everything given in the books. They can find the areas from which the questions are asked in the GATE biotechnology exam of the previous years and concentrate on them. These topics are given in the last pages of many biotechnology books.
  • The students may also participate in test programs that are organized by various establishments. This will help them to check their progress, and will boost their confidence in the situations that are similar to the GATE biotechnology exam.
  • Twenty days before they appear in the exam, the students may divide their time. During the first five days, they may revise all topics they have studied, and at the same time, solve multiple-choice questions for each topic. During the next five days, they can solve random questions or entire papers. In case they get stuck in any area, they can check the internet for sorting out doubts and problems. The students can devote the next seven days for revising the concepts completely. They can also make a list of all equations and formulae used for solving technical problems in topics like biostatistics, bioprocess engineering, genetics, enzyme kinetics, numerical related to rDNA and microbial growth. The last three days can be devoted to important concepts and tricky questions.
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